Bench Press King

Mike in Dubai
Mike Wins Elusive Tenth World Title – World Champion on podium – won lifting 172.5kg in his weight class of 75kg. Saturday June 23rd 2012,in Autun France. Mike says “to all my fans thak you for your support and kind words.” After fighting injury broken hand left Mikes training program shattered and faced an uphill task. But a true winner he fought back and trained up in the loast few days when others are resting their muscles for the comp. He showed his mettle claiming victory. “My friends call me Rocky !”

Mikes training partner says “I am so proud of Mike and train with him.He never gave up despite so many set backs this season training with a broken hand and injured foot. He deserves his World Champion title so much.”

See Mike and profile on twitter @benchpressmike

Thurrock Gazette March 2nd 2012.Interview by Frazer Clark.

The World Record books were smashed yesterday by Mike Joseph, who bounced back from injury to set a new World Record
bench pressing 180kg at body weight category 74.8kg.

Mike in May 2012 body pumped ready for France compeition in June.

Mike Joseph at gym May 2012 looking pumped

Mike`s worlsd recordd bench press picture made back pages of the sports news.2 march 2012.Thurrock Gazette.

He also won and now reigns as title holder British Champion in this weight class.

  • For results of the BDFPA (Drug Free testing confirmed) click here
  • For full interview in Your Thurrock newspaper click here
  • Echo Essex, Mike`s interview – Click Here
  • World Record lift Youtube video below

    It took 2 yrs to make his comeback bouncing back after shoulder injury setback.
    Mike was and still is the higher weight World Record holder in the weight class 82.5kg benching at 198kg World Record Title holder.

    A double whammy for Mike, 41 who now hold Two World Record titles for Bench Pressing.

    Below – Mike`s pal and coach Derek Cope pictured with Mike below was on hand coaching and spotting Mike at the Championships.(for video footage of Mike with Derek watch this space – adding soon.)

    “I wanted to show everyone how good Mike`s body really is. And I put these images together to prove a point. Becks is a footballer and has less muscle definition than Mike. Fellow Essex based Olly Murs..well he needs to get fit, and he`s younger than Mike. Age is just a number. ”

    Mike at BTCC Thruxton Pole start for Tony Gilhams Honda after reverse draw. RCIB Inusrance sponsor.

    The Comeback video footage below. Mike competed in Brentwood Essex – the Eastern Counties Divisionals Sat 21 Jan 2012, and lifted and Unofficial Masters World Record of 170kg in body weight class of 74.2kg. This qualified Mike for the Feb British Championships,where he is hoping to set a new World Record. Full competition coverage below.

    Reaching out to others worldwide is big on Mike`s checklist as a fitness role model, and his DVD is selling on
    “I had lots of fans email me asking for training tips and nutrition to gain muscle and get the dream fit lean muscular body they want. So I decided to do this DVD.” Mike says.

    The footage shows Mike training at the famous hard-core Stan’s gym, overhead pressing over 110kgs plus Mike training at Genesis gym in London, Bench Pressing 180kgs Biceps, back, shoulders and chest training . Full diet, routine and supplements advice.Mike’s philosophy on drug free lifting, and what’s behind powerlifting and non-steroid use.

    Click Here to view and buy Mike`s DVD on


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